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21st February 2006

everydaylovexo4:25pm: Will Makar Community!


check it out!

28th November 2005

queen_of_ocd1:19pm: The concert was phenomenal. I had great seats, plus binoculars, so I was able to see very well. William Joseph, a VERY TALENTED (not to mention adorable) pianist from Arizona, was the opening act. He came out and played about five songs, and everyone just loved him. There was an intermission, which seemed like hours to me because I wanted to see Clayton so bad. Finally the lights dimmed and they played a tape of Clay telling us to turn off our cameras, etc., and I started hyperventilating, which amused my mother. THEN THE PLAY STARTED, AND THE CUTENESS THAT IS CLAY WAS RELEASED. *calms down* . Okay, Clay, Angela, and Quiana were dressed in all white except Clay had on brown shoes and the girls had sparkly heels.

Clay wrote the play, which was acted out by his childhood vocal teacher, a young boy from NC, and some dancers. Clay was the angel; of course he didn't need to act, because he was already angelic, but I digress. Clay came out and sang a little, then we see the old lady (Beverly) sitting at home being lonely. Her son has moved away from home, and his wife has just had a baby boy. She's unable to reach them, and she misses her son very much. Clay sang "Merry Christmas With Love", then "Sleigh Ride" and a very upbeat "Jingle Bells". Beverly told the little boy, Tommy, who came to visit her, about meeting her husband (who has been dead for 7 years) at a Christmas dance. Clay sang "The Season for Romance" and a man and woman acted out the part. Clay then sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Clay and Beverly sang "Silver Bells", then Beverly and Tommy went to bake Christmas cookies. Clay serenaded them with "The Christmas Song", while a woman and boy acted out the part of the young Beverly and her son. Beverly sent Tommy out to play, and Angela sang "I Miss You Most at Christmas Time" as Beverly reminisced. Clay, Quiana, and Angela sang a triumphant and amazing "Celebrate Me Home," as Beverly's son, daughter-in-law, and grandson arrived and surprised her! Then it was intermission.

The second act was more religious; it took place in a church. Tommy was the narrator of the church Christmas musical. Clay sang the following songs:
"O Holy Night"
"The First Noel"
"Hark The Herald Angels Sing"
"O Come All Ye Faithful"
and "Mary Did You Know," while Tommy read from Luke between songs. Tommy was disappointed that his mom and dad had not come to the musical, so Beverly told him that adults often make big mistakes. Quiana sang "My Grown Up Christmas List", and the play was over.
They played a tape of Clay reading a message he wrote in the program, and Clay came out to talk to us. He introduced his orchestra, cast, and crew, and talked for a little while about the show. Then he encouraged us to be loving and kind during 2006, and to not wait until Christmas to tell everyone we know how much we care about them. He sang "Don't Save it all for Christmas Day," along with members of the cast, then he left. Then he sang a very subdued and gorgeous "Good News" as the encore, and the show was over. It was amazingly beautiful, and I loved it! The only bad part was that I didn't see Nick. :(

27th November 2005

everydaylovexo8:02pm: guys i finally got a pic with our man!

you can view my concert photos at:

queen_of_ocd5:32pm: Hi everyone ... I'm a new member. My name is Caitlin, and I LOVE Clay and Nick. I just saw my first Clay Aiken concert last night, although I have been a HUGE fan of his since his AI audition. I was so disappointed to not get to meet Nick. :( If anyone wants to read a review let me know ... I have a large one written, so I can post it sometime.
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29th July 2005

everydaylovexo12:24pm: Hi, we wound up with 2 extra tickets for the Interlochen, Michigan concert on Friday, August 19th.

They are Sect. 14(AA) row KK seats 4 & 5

they are great seats if anyone is interested

Each ticket is $52 each

they were originally $44.50 for the ticket, $1 for the service fee, and I'll send them priority mail with delivery confirmation, so that will be the extra money of the total price.

Let me know if you're interested, by emailing me at chickflick4@aol.com


31st March 2005

everydaylovexo11:13pm: Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that a new AI4 forum has opened! It's called All About AI4, go check it out


15th March 2005

everydaylovexo4:58pm: Hey guys!! Meg Leisey and myself, have started a forum for all the Nick Leisey fans to hang out!! Come check out the site!


hope to see you soon!

28th February 2005

everydaylovexo7:04pm: Hey everyone!! As a fellow supporter of all Clay boards I would like to warmly invite everyone to take a look at The Claymate Forums


Please come join our family!! We have some great things planned for the near future!! I promise you won't regret it!! TCF is a great drama-free board, where we can just hang out!

Thanks for your time,

Admin at TCF

13th February 2005

lilclaymate1212:15pm: Yo I am New
Hew Guys I'm Nikki

I liked Nick out of the blue!!! So I am totally capible for being in this group. NE WAY if ne of u need help or NE THANG contact me!! Thanks!!!!
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12th February 2005

everydaylovexo12:53am: hey guys!! if someone could please please please get a layout for here and just post it or something with the overrides!!

it doesn't have to be nick, it'd be nice if it was, but just a simple layout works!!


hopefully we'll have some fun in the near future!

21st January 2005

everydaylovexo10:04pm: Hey guys!! I just wanted to say hey really quick cause i see that we have 9 members!!

if someone would make a layout for this and help make it pretty, i'd really appreciate that, then we can actually get it started around here, cause we love nick!
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cake_infinate1:23pm: New

Hey, my friend Sara was searching for new Clay communities and she found this one, I think Nick is a cutie, so she sent me the link. It looks like it's going to be fun. Anywho, my name is Michelle, but everyone calls me Shell. I'm 24-years-old from Southern California,

I never know what to say in these intro things, my screen names are in my info, so ... yeah ...

Nick and Clay!

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29th December 2004

everydaylovexo8:34pm: Hey guys!!

I started this because we love Nick!!

After we get it pretty here, we'll announce it places!
blinkygoil9064:54pm: Who has the first post here? Salem does! :D Hi y'all!

Sorry... completely useless entry!
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